Ethiopia – Malteser P-FIM Exercise 2018

Germany – VENRO P-FIM Review 2018

Somalia – BRCiS P-FIM Exercise 2019

Colombia – Johanniter P-FIM Exercise 2018

Senegal – WFP P-FIM Exercise 2013

Laos – BfdW P-FIM Exercise 2019

Burundi – Anglican Mothers Union P-FIM Exercise 2017

Kenya – ReDSS P-FIM Exercise 2017

Haiti – IFRC/Haitian RC P-FIM Exercise 2017

P-FIM builds respect and mutual trust with and between communities.

The starting point is people, their abilities, knowledge, challenges and innovations.

It establishes a true understanding of context from the community perspective and how best agencies can add value.

The result is a transformative relationship between people and agencies.